Karen Schlumpf

Karen Schlumpf is a recognized Actor/Combatant, proficient in eight weapon styles by the Society of American Fight Directors. Her acting experience has included Isobel Bridie in An Experiment with an Air Pump (RCP), Maria Rainer in The Sound of Music (SP), Julia in Two Gentlemen of Verona (RCP), Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible (SP), and Det. Sgt. Troughton in Run for Your Wife (RCP). Karen on occasion also sits in the director’s chair. She has directed several productions including Laughing Stock (RCP), Forever Plaid (RCP), A Midsummer’s Night Dream (SP) and Murder in the News (SP).

Brian Farrell

Brian Farrell is a recognized Actor/Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors. He has conducted stage combat training and directed the violence for numerous productions ranging from school and community theatre to regional grand opera. His favorite on-stage appearances have been Daryl Grady in Curtains, Max Detweiler in The Sound of Music, Oberon in a Midsummer Night’s Dream, and a wolf/gargoyle/enchantress in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Adam Konowe

Adam Konowe began learning stage combat more than two decades ago when he served as an assistant director and minor actor in a Reston, Virginia production of “that Scottish play which goes unnamed.” He emerged unharmed, but hooked on stage combat. As a founding member of the Noble Blades, Adam has studied numerous weapon styles under a variety of fight masters, fight directors and certified teachers from the Society of American Fight Directors. Beginning in 1995 and continuing through the mid-2000s, he passed a series of SAFD skills proficiency tests and renewals, topping out at five disciplines (unarmed combat, broadsword, rapier and dagger, small sword and quarterstaff). Along the way, Adam has choreographed the fights for more than 20 professional, community and educational-level productions, as well as conducted stage combat workshops throughout the Washington, DC area and as far afield as England and New Zealand. Beyond stage combat, Adam is also an award-winning director and lighting designer. He holds multiple “real world” jobs to subsidize his addiction to theatre.

Ian Claar

Ian Claar has been active in the theatre and performing arts community for nearly 15 years. Ian is an Actor/Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors and has been studying the art of stage combat for 3 years now. His most recent fight direction credit is dagger and unarmed fights for Romeo and Juliet (Cape Henry Collegiate). He has a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Technical Theatre from Christopher Newport University.